Sunday, September 19, 2010

Speed Cube Sheng En Type F-II Review

For ANY one that like to speed cube this thing is just pure awesomeness. Right out of the box you know this cube is going to replace which ever you have now. The changing face on the back of the box is interesting too. This cube comes out of the box so perfectly you will not need to adjust the tension or apply silicone. If your worried about pops, this is a cube for you. Trying to get this thing to pop in a solve is nearly impossible.

Smoothness Speed: 9.6

Lockup Resistance: 8.4

Cutting Corners:       8.9

Pop Resistance:        9.1

Quietness:                7.0

Reliability:                8.8

Weight:                    81g

Overall:                    9.33


  1. Rubik's cube reviews? AWESOME!

    I'm not very good with them but I have solved my 3x3 once or twice. lol

    My Friends got the algorithms memorized or something because he's quick with most of them.

  2. i have never been able to solve a rubiks cube. then again ive never tried for more than a few minutes

  3. I'm in the same boat as "The End."
    I'll try for a bit, then give up when I realize all I did was mess it up more.

  4. ditto with defkon and the end, although i may pick one up soon and try it out

    you should also check out those rubiks cube solving robots made out of lego, they're rediculous

  5. Rubik's cubes have never been something I've really been good at...ever. I solved one once by accident and that was it. But I've seen them increase in popularity this past year among children. Still, a very interesting bit of information here, bro.

  6. Oh man, I have a friend who does this, it's crazy to see.

  7. I suck with Rubik cubes. I've never been able to solve one in my life.

  8. My friends are pretty crazy about Rubiks cubes, they have 2's,3's,4's,5's,6's. 3's can be nailed in about 1 minute 30 by one of them. Takes me about 3 minutes.

  9. good idea :D i love rubiko


  10. For this , I think I'll do exactly what I did for normal cubes.
    Look up how to do them on youtube, learn, and let my friends think I'm a genius :)

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  13. Supporting!

    Hey !?! Where is the JAVA stuff!? I want to see classes and interfaces ? Some GC magic ?

  14. @Tetru Eunor

    Ill be getting some Java up, I'm not very experiences though I'm just learning. I will post progress on some games I'm working on and some classes to go with it. I might even make some generic classes for others to implement in their own programming to save on time and effort.